ZACH-LIKE is a book of behind-the-scenes design documents from Zachtronics.

The digital version of ZACH-LIKE contains the full contents of the book (in two different PDF layouts), a bunch of terrible games that Zach made before SpaceChem, and some prototypes and early builds of Zachtronics games, both released and... not.

All of the games listed below are included in the free Steam download, along with a bunch of other content.


  • Read ZACH-LIKE in its entirety, either in tablet-friendly portrait mode or widescreen-friendly "simulated book" mode!
  • Experiment with omnivators, liquids, robots, and more in an early build of Infinifactory with hideous placeholder art!
  • Play an early version of Opus Magnum where arms stack recursively, and the weird solitaire tactics minigame that was cut from it.
  • Explore the lost undersea world of Project Typhoon, the submarine-based sandbox game we stopped making a few months into development.
  • Grab three friends and four keyboards and conquer the network in Hack the Planet, a game Zach made specifically for a party at his house.
  • Enjoy the entire back catalogue of pre-SpaceChem Zachtronics games, from Gregor Mendel's Pro Botanist to the infamous Infiniminer.